Mal's e-commerce is a remotely hosted shopping cart application. We help people sell things on their website and make it easy to hook into third-party payment processors.


Where did the idea come from?

Back in 1998 I set-up a site on the internet selling books and charts for people interested in yachting in the Mediterranean. Creating the product catalogue was a bit boring but relatively simple. I found the hard part was creating the shopping cart to work with my webpages, that took months of playing around Perl scripts.

When I was finished I suspected that what I had ended up with could be used by others, so, more out of a whim, I set-up a little site offering my little cart for free to others. Within weeks I had hundreds of users.

These days Mal's e-commerce is built and maintained by a small team of individuals based in Europe. We've deliberately chosen to stay small. Being small means we can not only adapt to change but we understand the needs of other small businesses, just like us.

Mal Stewart
Founder of Mal's E-commerce