Selling a gift voucher in the cart is done in much the same way as an ordinary product; using a Buy Now button made from an HTML form. The main difference is that it is automatically excluded from tax and shipping calculations and is treated as a payment "on account".

Once the cart identifies an order with a gift voucher it will automatically be listed in Admin on the Issue vouchers page. Vouchers are not issued automatically, you should mark a voucher as issued when you are sure you have payment for it. It will then be given a fifteen character ID based on the date and can be used to make part payment on an order.

The cart does not send out gift vouchers, it only generates the code for you, it is up to you to arrange how you want to deliver it. Some users email them, others like to post a printed certificated. Some send them to the person paying for the certificate, others send them directly to the intended recipient.

To use a voucher the customer simply has to enter its ID in the gift voucher box in the cart.

The Active list in Admin shows all your vouchers which have been issued. Once a voucher has been redeemed, used, you can delete it from the list so it cannot be used again.



To sell a voucher you need to include four fields in a form posting into the new voucher script. The four fields are; the value of the voucher in a hidden form field along with the recipients name, email address and a message.

<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="userid" VALUE="gg12345">
<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="gift_amount" VALUE="15.00">
Name: <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="gift_name">
Email: <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="gift_email">
Message: <TEXTAREA name="gift_message"></TEXTAREA>

You can use HTTPS in the URL if your website is hosted under SSL.

You can have as many forms like this on a page and you can use an image for the submit button. You may choose to use a drop down list for the gift_amount so people can select different voucher values.


To add a gift voucher to the cart you set the following values as input fields:


  • userid = Your User ID
  • gift_amount = value (without Currency enumerator, $, £ or whatever)
  • gift_name = name of the recipient
  • gift_email = email address of the recipient
  • gift_message = gift message


  • return = (default = none)
  • lg = a language other than your defaul
  • currency = currency number for multi-currency payments
  • sd = your own session data

The URL for the Action part of the form is