The cart is setup by default using the American English language set but you can change that to one of the follow:

0 - English (US)
1 - Spanish
2 - Portuguese - S American
3 - Danish
4 - Norwegian
5 - Swedish
6 - Polish
7 - German
8 - French
9 - Indonesian
10 - Italian
11 - Dutch
12 - Turkish
13 - Croatian
14 - English (European)
15 - Afrikaans
16 - Romanian
17 - Icelandic
18 - Portuguese - Euro
19 - Finnish
20 - Hungarian
21 - Greek
22 - Estonian
23 - Welsh
24 - Czech
25 - Albanian
26 - Slovenian
27 - English ( compliant)
28 - Russian
29 - English (For charities)
30 - Serbian
31 - English (Australian)
32 - Lithuanian

Once you have setup a default language you can switch to a different one "on the fly" by including the field lg=a_number in all your links to the cart. Use the corresponding number from the list above, for example, lg=1 will switch to Spanish:

<input type="hidden" name="lg" value="1">

You should note though that although this switches the language hard coded into the cart it doesn't change any of the messages that you have created yourself, for example, the Shipping Message.

Some options that are country specific, such as UPS shipping calculations, have no translations.



The cart itself doesn't use a currency symbol such as the $ or £ sign. Currency is indicated by a simple phrase such as All prices are in US Dollars but can be changed to anything you like.

The cart can be configured to use one of three different numeric formats for displaying values:

  • 1,000,000.00 - The default
  • 1.000.000,00
  • 1.000.000

At the moment it's still fairly rare to find payment systems that can handle different currencies. Most can accept orders from foreign customers but that's quite different from pricing and charging in a foreign currency. PayPal is probably the best know multi-currency payment processor.

In addition to your default currency you can define up to five more currencies in the cart setup. To change to a different currency in your Buy Now links use a field named currency:

<input type=hidden name=currency value=3>

The currency field needs to be a number in the range from 0 to 5. However 0 (zero) is your default currency so if the field isn't in a link then that's what it is set to. For example, you might decide:

  • Currency = 0 as US Dollars (your default)
  • Currency = 1 as GB Pounds Sterling
  • Currency = 2 as Euros

WARNING! The currency in the cart is set when the first product is added to it. In order to ensure that the cart does not end up with a "mixed bag" of currencies it won't allow a customer to add any more products in a different currency. So, for example, once they have added an item priced in US Dollars they then won't be able to add any more items unless they too are priced in USD.

Since you can only set one price for each Upsell and Add-on product in the cart, that particular feature does not work well with multi-currency.

Since you can only have one set of numbers in your shipping calculations, shipping tends to have to be based on a percentage of the value of the order.