Your customer may wish to view their cart contents without having to add another product to it. When they have finished they will also want to move on to pay for the order. The same link is used for both purposes.

<form method="POST" action="">
<input type="HIDDEN" name="userid" value="gg12345">
<input type="SUBMIT" value="Show Cart">

You can use HTTPS in the URL if your website is hosted under SSL.

Display the current cart contents with a link using the following values as input fields;

Required :

  • userid = Your User ID

Optional :

  • return = (default = none)
  • lg = language
  • sd = your own session data
  • shipping = a total shipping value (a response from an external shipping calculator)
  • shipopts = description of shipping options chosen and to be stored

The URL for the Action part of the form is;